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Where and what can I eat in Mauritius?

2015.05.27 16:28
Where and what can I eat in Mauritius?

Cuisine of Mauritius

Mauritius being a small island has an impressively abundant and miscellaneous cuisine due to its history full of migrations. The Mauritian cuisine is a fascinating mix of Creole, Chinese, Indian, French and native African culinary traditions. That is why there appeared a lot of dishes that are absolutely unique to Mauritius.

Mauritian cuisine is often about seafood. Anything you like is cooked everywhere on the island: grilled, backed, and fried. And it is incredible.

Most of the inhabitants have Indian origin that explains the great influence of Indian cuisine. French cuisine is also highly popular and widespread in Mauritius.

Eating in resorts

Resorts in Mauritius offer you all the meals from breakfast to dinner with a great service and superb food. Restaurants at the Mauritian resorts offer their guests a wide range of different cuisines: Mediterranean, French, Chinese and also local Mauritian food. At the same time, there you can find comfortable and cozy atmosphere often with a great view.

Thereby, resort restaurants in Mauritius provide all necessary catering with a high quality of food and service.

Eating out

The other way is to go out and get into your own gastronomical adventure. There you can find huge amount of different cafés and restaurants all over the island. A lot of Mauritian dishes are served there, especially sea-food: from octopus and local fish capitaine to lobsters and sharks. And you can taste local Mauritian beer Phoenix.

Also, Mauritius is widely known because of its street food. That means you may go to the city, find a street full of mobile trailers and start your long and enthralling journey to local Mauritian cuisine. If you choose a trip to Mauritius you should try such popular island snacks as dhol puris, gateaux piment and boulettes are highly recommended there.

There are a lot of tropical fruits that grow in Mauritius and sold on the streets. One of the most popular is Archards Victoria pineapples – a very sweet and often eaten with chili.

Plenty of dishes for vegetarians can be found in Mauritius. Even in the trailers on the streets - most of the street food available caters specifically for vegetarians.

So, to go eating out means to taste and to see the results of Mauritian cuisine development throughout the history. How different populations coming to the island and coping with the lack or absence of common ingredients built their own rich, diverse and incredible Mauritius cuisine.