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Under Sea Walk

Under Sea Walk


The Undersea Walk guided tour is a diving activity for non divers and non swimmers. For the last 15 years Undersea Walk Ltd has been introducing swimmers and non-swimmers to the corals and tropical fish found in the 3-4 meter deep waters of the Mauritian lagoons. 


Undersea Walk Ltd has developed a unique solar powered diving system that sends constant stream of fresh air to helmets worn by undersea explorers. Since these explorers are walking under water, whether they can swim or not is irrelevant.

Want to see the wet side of Mauritius?
Want to feed the fish and a make a finny friend?
Want to make your other non swimming friends jealous


  • Solar sea walk has been the pioneer of helmet diving. A solar powered system was incorporated 10 years ago in the air supply running six electric compressors.

  • Underseawalk is an underwater tour suitable for all people aged from 7 years old.

  • Participants do not need to know how to swim.

  • Glasses or contact lenses may be worn, as participants will not get their head wet.

  • Our underseawalk takes place in 3-4 meters of water inside the lagoon near the reef.

  • Getting in and out of water is safe and easy.

  • 16 people can be taken on board & 8 people can walk together at one time.

  • Wetsuits are available free if required and soft shoes are provided. (Clients need to bring only a swimming costume and a towel.)

  • Total time of the excursion is approx. one & half hours (the walk itself is about 20-25 minutes under water).

  • Our professional team consists of 5 trained & experienced monitors on duty to assist at all times (1 platform manager, 2 surface divers, 1 monitor, and a skipper with you at all times).

  • We operate from Grand Bay and we have different pick up points. The pick up times are 9 am, 10.30 am, 12.00 pm, 13.30 and 15.00 hrs. Timing for Groups can be arranged (scheduled) differently which can let us receive up to 100 persons per day.



  • We operate every day of the year except Christmas & New Year's Day and weather permitting.

  • The solar sea walk is environment friendly. 


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