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What to bring from Mauritius?

2015.05.27 15:51
What to bring from Mauritius?

Textiles and Carpets

Mauritius is famous for its textiles. Made of finest fabrics they are comfortable and fashionable. Cashmere, pashmina, silk – all those materials skilfully processed into shawls, coats and everyday clothing, even bed sheets – that is what Etoile D’Orient and Crafts Gallery Ltd, amongst the most luxurious Mauritius shops, has to offer. Beautifully patterned, stunning quality clothing will most definitely draw attention to your fashion choice or bring applause from those, who will receive it as a gift.Therefore, when choosing trips to Mauritius, be sure to free up one day for shopping.

Beside textiles Mauritius souvenirs include handmade carpets. Handmade carpets are always more expensive than ordinary, but this is a clear sign of quality, and Etoile D’Orient and Crafts Gallery Ltd offers only the best. Not only the finest fabric but even jewels and precious metals are used to create these masterpieces. Clever choice of colours and patterns won’t leave anyone unimpressed. These carpets will look ideal in your house or in the house of your friend or family member, should you choose to gift it.


Mauritius shops, such as Adamas, Etoile D’Orient and Crafts Gallery Ltd offers best-quality jewellery made of finest gold, silver, platinum and precious stones. These items vary in forms from laconic, yet elegant, to complex, resembling architectural patterns of temples, adopting motifs from myths and legends, rich in clever symbolism. World’s most renowned brands and designers work with Adamas – Hugo Boss, Nautica, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Franck Muller, Ulysse Nardin, to name a few. Mauritian jewellery will please anyone and impress everyone, regardless of their status and interests.


Amongst the most popular souvenirs from Mauritius are decorating items. Made of bronze, marble, semi-precious stones, these pieces of art that Etoile D’Orient and Crafts Gallery Ltd offers will bring any place to live with their unique patterns and shapes, mystique symbols and atmosphere and, of course, memories of Mauritius.

But Mauritius shops offer more than statuettes and ornamental dishes. Voiliers de l’Ocean will not only show you sophisticated and complex models of ships and complicated process of making them but will also allow you to buy one of those models of a size you get to choose. These models will bring nautical freshness and spirit to any house.

And this is not even a full list of Mauritius shops and souvenirs, for more information on that matter you can always contact our specialists, they will gladly answer your questions.