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Rodrigues Island Trip

Rodrigues Island Trip


Trou D`argent 


Trou D’Argent is a reputed beach found in the eastern part of Rodrigues. It is accessible only by foot and ideally visiting it forms part of a trekking excursion. We will arrange for dropping and picking you up should you wish to go for Trou D’Argent – where a legend states that there is a hidden treasure…



Cavernes Patates

Cavernes Patates is the longest cave in Rodrigues: its length is 1040 meters. The tour usually lasts about 45min. This time you will spend being amazed by the intricate curves, stalactites and stalagmites of the cave. Some of them have resemblance with birds, famous buildings and even politicians.

Cavernes Patates is an excursion in Mauritius which is worth taking. You will see an impressive cave system formed centuries ago. It is a wonderful option for eco holidays in Mauritius, just do not forget to bring a warm jacket because it is chilly in the cave. If you prefer visiting cave by yourself, take a flashlight.



Tyrolienne Adventure - Rodrigues Island

Do you want to see the most complete and the most exciting view of the best place in Mauritius? We offer you a breathtaking adventure on 400 meters long zipline located at the south coast of Rodrigues.  Integrated in the natural environment of the island, it helps to discover you the exotic beauty of the Rodrigues.



This excursion is not for those who are afraid of height: you will be flying 100 meters above the ground among white-tailed tropicbirds and golden bats. Lagoons and valleys lying down will astonish you with its pure and unspoiled look. 



Walk with Giant Tortoises!

have saved the environment of Rodrigues, best island in Mauritius, like it was three centuries ago before the colonization.


You will have an amazing 2 kilometers long walk among rare plants and animals. This area has been restored after years of devastation and now it represents one of the most important nature preserves in the world because of 42 endemic species. Step by step plants and animal species were reintroduced, the links between them were recreated and finally Rodrigues obtained its lost environment in this very park.



Here you can have a nice walk with giant radiated and Aldabra tortoises, watch fruit bats and visit old large caves. After that you will have an opportunity to get to know the history of Rodrigues in its museum and have delicious lunch later. 


Ile aux Cocos

Ile aux Cocos, the Coconut Island, is located at a distance of 4 kilometers from Rodrigues.


This tropical island remained inhabited until a British sailor established a settlement where he lived with his family. Nowadays it is a popular tourist destination with developed air communication.

Ile aux Cocos is covered with coconut and casuarina trees and has a long beautiful sandy beach. Clear water makes it a place for the best diving in Mauritius. The coral reef of this area is unique as only here coral Acropora rodriguensis can be found. It is also a dream for bird-lovers: thousands of birds and sea birds live on the island. The best time to see most of the birds is summer.


Note: To visit Ile aux Cocos, you have to get a proper authorization. Besides, some parts of it are closed for the public.



Diving in Rodrigues


If you have ever read Mauritius diving reviews, you know that waters of the Indian Ocean are full of secrets and surprises. The untouched shores of Rodrigues are a destination that every scuba diver would choose. Wrecked ships, rare corals and a wide variety of big and small but colorful species won’t leave you unsatisfied with your adventure. Here are just some of fish species you will be able to see: tunas, sharks, kingfishes, jack fishes, barracudas and more.

 Do not forget about mysterious caves, canyons and tunnels. Enjoy your Mauritius diving with us!


When is the best time for Mauritius diving?


The best period for scuba diving in Mauritius is summer that lasts from October to April. During these seven months the weather allows to dive both inside and outside the lagoons. Winter winds make diving in Mauritius more troublesome.  



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