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Diving in Mauritius

Diving in Mauritius

Mauritius is the paradise for diving


Mauritius tour package is not only for professional scuba divers, because in Mauritius you can make your first try! Mauritius diving prices include insurance certificates, which are required for safe diving.


In the north and south-eastern part island offers the best short and long trips. You will explore the burial place of sunken ships and look into unusual rocks at Mauritius. Numerous chain reefs will surprise diversity of life forms. Just diving Mauritius can get you acquainted with the amazing underwater grotto, which is similar to the present cathedral. So these practice will show you spectacular coral thickets, meet a bevy of fish, swimming by giant turtles and other marine life.


Mauritius diving review will show that you can dive all year round, except during cyclone periods. Due to the fact that the currents are small it is possible to night diving and also favor the temperature of the water. The variety of places will delight outdoor enthusiasts.


Diving in Mauritius for skilled divers


We invite skilled divers to plunge into the green corals of Whale rock. This rough patch will be interesting to conquer. If you want more, you can visit one of the most popular places, which is considered to be the Blue Lagoon. There was a wreck of three British ships.


Mauritius has a large number of beautiful and fascinating species of fish. From autumn to spring organize competitions for marlin fishing in deep-sea. The most extreme fans can discover fishing the white sharks. It will be a dangerous adventure, but breathtaking and unbelievable. After that you can prepare meals from the catch.


Diving for beginners


Scuba diving in Mauritius provided by qualified instructors for those who are going to try it for the first time. They will teach any vacationer (since 10 years) the correct and safe diving. Don’t worry about lack of awareness about diving details, because diving instructors will help you with all questions and problems.


You will see the beauty of the underwater world and also feel the lightness of water. Due to the best diving in Mauritius you will please yourself by colors of this world without postcards and photographs, but personally. Your experience will be unforgettable.


To join us on the «Diving in Mauritius » tour you can call (230) 696 600010.




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