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Mauritius Eureka

2015.07.10 17:27

Tourists who have a little time for different excursions usually prefer to visit Eureka. This is a Creole mansion which was built in 1830-s and is currently a museum and local "time machine". The minor house is an example of tropical construction architecture. The interior is splendid and worth to...

Fun with Mauritius lions

2015.07.08 17:42

You've been to natural parks thousand times before and now you are looking for some fresh attractions? Then, a great idea would be to do the same thing on 1001st time, but... accompanied by lions! Imagine those big cats walking by your side, and making no harm to you. That is a really breath-taking...

Mauritius heritage

2015.07.08 17:39

During holidays in Mauritius don’t forget to visit different island’s museums. You will find more interesting things in Shells, Masques, Photography and Natural History museums. Moreover, take a chance to find the Post Office museum. If you want to mix garden’s beauty with history,...

Fun with Mauritius horses

2015.07.02 16:51

Do you love horse racing? This kind of sport is absolutely the best way to feel speed and fun!In Mauritius you have got a unique chance to visit the two-hundred-year hippodrome. Island men keen on horse racing, so you will find occupied tribunes there. You should know that the first hippodrome...

Mauritius Jurassic Park

2015.07.01 16:45

One Mauritius businessman decided to re-create Jurassic Park on the island! It will be called Jean Noel Sanassee. Of course, the main attraction will be giant robotic prehistoric dinosaurs. Moreover, the park’s area will include hotel and village, amphitheater, restaurants, night club and a...

Mauritius WI-FI offers

2015.07.01 16:43

Last summer Mauritian government launched a free Wireless Internet Fidelity Zone for the territory of Victoria Bus Terminal in Mauritius capital city. WIFI zones installations provide development of local population's and tourist's needs. Free Internet connection expansion has a huge future...

World Travel Awards 2015

2015.06.26 16:10

According to the 22th World Travel Awards, the most prestigious program in the modern travel industry worldwide, for the Indian Ocean Mauritius proved itself to be the best in a number of categories. This way Mauritius was recognized as the best in Airline Customer Service, and also as the leading...

More flights between Mauritius and China

2015.06.26 16:08

Mauritius and Chinese governments have signed an agreement according to which the number of flights between these two countries almost doubles. In June, a decision was made to increase the amount of flights along China-Mauritius-Africa route up to 28 per week. This partnership is supposed to...

Orpheus in the Underworld performance

2015.06.25 17:38

On Friday 24th July, an opera bouffe ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’ composed by Jaque Offenbach is presented in Mauritius. The operetta is a parody on Gluck and his Orfeo and Euridice. This project is a product of collaboration of Opera Choir of Mauritius led by Katrin Caine and Youth...

Small cities in Mauritius

2015.06.18 14:13

If you want to see another side of Mauritius, you should visit the business center of the island. It is a big city called Kyurpip. Its factories and workshops create the best ship models. The most expensive exemplars are made out of wood. Moreover, the prices are from 500 to 100 thousands rupees.