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Yacht Cruises in Mauritius

Yacht Cruises in Mauritius


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Luxurious décor, exquisite dishes of Mauritius cuisine, excellent service – all the marks of five-star hotel taken aboard on a catamaran yacht “L’Unique” will make your vacation trip unforgettable.

Costa Cruises in Mauritius offers you to gaze over paradise islands and beautiful turquoise ocean waves glistening in the sunlight from a magnificent palace of “L’Unique” catamaran yacht, cruising across the Mauritius waters and breathing nautical freshness. The staff and the crew will satisfy any of your demands, you need but to ask.

And if it’s not a mere cruising you are looking for, the yacht is equipped with snorkels and flippers for surface diving as well as scuba diving equipment. Diving into clear waters of Mauritius from our catamaran yacht is definitely an exclusive experience, granted many of the islands you are going to visit are uninhabited.

Should you wish to celebrate any occasion or simply customize your trip, there are private day charter cruise options that allow your very own experience and adventures on our catamaran yacht. That will satisfy the tastes of pretty much anyone.

Exclusive sunset cruise from Mauritius

Admire beautiful blue sky turn mysterious crimson red as the sun sets in the western horizon from our yacht. Magical mixtures of colours appearing and playing around you are a stunning display that you have to see at least once in your life. And only our Mauritius yacht cruise allows you to witness this beauty amongst world’s most exclusive majestic tropical islands and clear ocean waters.

Exclusive yacht wedding in catamaran yacht

Make one of the most important moments of your life perfect and unforgettable by celebrating it on board of luxurious “L’Unique” catamaran yacht. Unite your life path with the path of your most special person in the world in a tranquil remote location surrounded by nothing but turquoise ocean waters, paradise tropical islands, fresh air and sweet melody of ocean waves. Pristine natural beauty is bound to make this the most memorable occasion in your life.

Overnight Stay

Admire the unfathomable beauty of the star-mottled sky in the southern hemisphere, listening to the music of the ocean waves. Overnight stay in our voyaging yacht will be forever in your and your beloved’s hearts, bonding the two of you even stronger.

If you have any other questions left concerning yacht cruises in Mauritius – feel free to contact our specialists. They will always be glad to give your further information and details.

You can call us to book your excursion or book it on-line any moment.


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