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How can I travel around Mauritius?

2015.05.27 16:07
How can I travel around Mauritius?

Public transport

Public transport in Mauritius is provided by an extensive bus system. It covers almost the whole island. Mauritius has both private and government busses that differ depending on the parts of the island.

It is a very cheap but quite a long way to explore Mauritius. Also, there can be found an “express” bus network, which can take you from one side of Mauritius to another in approximately two hours. However, you should be ready for the fact that the locals use public transport all the time and it may be crammed.

To get on bus you do not need to buy tickets in advance they are sold during trips by conductors. The conductors are very helpful and can tell you directions. Bus schedules in Mauritius vary in urban areas and countryside and they need to be specified.

You should try to take a short trip on a bus at least once while you are on the island to have a chance to experience Mauritius transport habits.


Taxi is a very comfy way to travel around Mauritius. Taxis in Mauritius have signs on the top so they are easily recognized. They can be found at the airport, hotels and also at the bus stations. Taxi service in Mauritius is safe and comfortable but pricey.

The service will carry you wherever you want. Drivers are also very good guides and can get you to a real excursion. So you can hire a taxi for just one trip or for a period of time.

There are some big taxi services that provide a taxi for booking online in advance.

Car rental

If you do not want to depend on a schedule and would like to be more free planning your holiday in Mauritius you can use a car rental services. That gives you the opportunity to go to any place in Mauritius you want at any time.

A car can be hired with or without a driver. Also, in Mauritius you can rent a bus with a driver for a big company to go for a private excursion.

Car rental in Mauritius is very easy. Foreign licenses are accepted and driving is allowed if drivers over eighteen. Generally parking spots are free over the island except for big cities. Renting a car you should remember that in Mauritius cars are driven on the left and there is a bad traffic on the motorways during rush hours. Whether you prefer highest class automobiles, comfortable land rovers or micro-urban two-seaters you can easily take them for rent here.

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