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Sugar Adventure

Sugar Adventure

This story begins like a myth although it is absolutely true. Long time ago there was a product that was lusted after as much as gold, as exotic as Indian spices and as desired as Chinese silk. This refers to… ordinary sugar that we could barely imagine our life without. Discover an amazing tale about such a simple yet essential thing during your Mauritius holiday


The history of Mauritius is tightly linked with the sugar production. The island is covered with sugarcane plantations that give about 600 000 tons every year! And all this huge industry with more than 400 years of existence holds in an old sugar factory.


Sugar Sugar SugarThe exhibition of the museum opens a panorama of both bright and dark moments of Mauritian history.  For locals, sugar was everything and the whole island population was dedicated to sugarcane growth. Other branches of production served to this only. It has no such significance nowadays, but sugar still presents a base of the republic’s economy.


L’Aventure du Sucre is an ultramodern museum located 11 km away from Port Luis, the capital of the country. It is captivating for children as well as for adults due to the efficient space organizing and interactive features. Passing from hall to hall you will read the history as a book: from the first Dutch colonies to the present days.  The museum reflects the modern society and all the whimsical changes that Mauritius has experienced through the centuries.

At the end of the tour, rum and sugar tasting awaits all the quests. That’s the favorite part of all the tourists during the excursions on Mauritius!

 You will finish your excursion in The Village Boutique, where you will have an opportunity to buy gifts and souvenirs made by local craftsman or purchase a bottle of rum.

Got hungry during the tour? Relish subtle cuisine of Mauritius in an exceptional ambience of  Le Fangourin restaurant. Enjoy divine dishes on a veranda with serene mountain view surrounded with lush flora.

After the excursion, you will have an enjoyable feeling of touching the living history.


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