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Open new world with Mauritius Snorkeling


First you need to buy all necessary equipment. The most important things are mask, snorkel, and fins. But if you come during the year when the water in the ocean is cold, you will need a wetsuit. Before diving in Mauritius you should read all safety precautions and dive rules. Don’t forget to wash your mask with water, because it can be misting. Then, attach up the mask carefully and check for correct attachment. Only after that you can wear flippers.



Organized Mauritius travel packages will help diver to see all the beauty of the underwater world. Coral reefs that surround the island of Mauritius, you can plunge into the blue abyss. Relax and take a horizontal position and admire the surrounding world. Only in harmony with nature, we can get rid of the emotional load and remove all worries from their shoulders. All of it should remain on the ocean floor!



Snorkeling Training


With snorkeling you have the opportunity to explore the variety of fish and even take pictures underwater fauna. Indian Ocean keeps the great expanses of the underwater world. Corals will be pleased you with colored inks, and bright fish will surprise with its countless varieties. With good visibility of forty meters you have a great opportunity to see a variety of rocks and underwater caves. At the bottom of the ocean you can see ancient wrecks, which settled corals and anemones.


Snorkeling in Mauritius service has got many centers that provide snorkeling services. Experienced specialists will explain you all details and answer your questions. And also they will check that necessary equipment. If something is missed, you can buy or rent. Instructors don’t advise to dive into the water on their own. You can hurt yourself and friends with which to dive because of not knowing the local terrain features. Reefs can be very dangerous and can even cause injury. Strong currents can carry man into the open ocean. However, under the supervision of an experienced instructor you will be safe and will be able to enjoy the dive.



You can buy disposable underwater cameras on the island. But remember that all underwater objects appear closer to 25% and more. If you want to see all objects on your pictures clearly, you should come closer. Note that lift anything from the ocean floor is strictly prohibited.


Take a chance


Do you want unforgettable and positive emotions? Take your children, husbands, relatives and go to Mauritius for leisure activities. By the way children can snorkel since two years. Discover the wonderful world of reefs, different fish and marine plants.



We want to warn you: DO NOT lift corals and take something out of the see.


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