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Maha Shivratree


Maha Shivratri is a Hindu festival celebrated every year in reverence of Lord Shiva (also known as Mahadeva, Mahesh). Maha Shivratri means the Great Night of Lord Shiva and it is celebrated in great pomp and devotion.


Preparations for the festival start a month ago with the making of the “Kanwars”, are wooden carriers which are beautifully decorated with an idol which is placed in the middle. After the devotees complete their pilgrimage the idol will be immersed in the sea. Pilgrims all around the country will visit the Ganga Taloa also known as Grand Bassin, to offer their prayers and bring back holy water from the sacred lake along with them.

On their way to the Ganga Talao the pilgrims will chant holy hymns in devotion to Lord Shiva. Devotees often offer food, fruits, juice, and tea to the pilgrims which are served under stalls where the pilgrims can rest before they continue their pilgrimage.


White clothes are worn by the devotees which is a symbol of purity. The pilgrimage to the Ganga Talao is filled with great fervor, devotion and sacrifice and these feelings intensify at the sight of the Mangal Mahadev Shiv statue standing at the entrance of the Ganga Talao which can be seen from a long distance as it is of 108 feet height.

After returning from the pilgrimage, the devotees offer the holy water which they will pour on the Shivling in the nearest temple of their village and attend the Char Pahar Ki Puia without which their prayer would be incomplete.


A pious festival should be celebrated with a clean and pure heart with no ulterior motives other than prayer and devotion. Such a beautiful festival should be appreciated by everyone and make of it one of the most spectacular characteristics of a rainbow nation like ours.


I worship Shambhu , spouse Uma , Master of the gods.
I adore the cause of the universe.
I adore the adornment of Serpents, wearing a deer skin.
I worship the Lord of all who.
I worship Him, whose three eyes Sun, Moon and Fire.
I worship Him Who pleasant (roads) Mukunda .
I worship Him Who is the refuge for those who love (Bhakti ), and Grace for the devotees .
I adore the Commonweal (Shiva) Sankara.
I am decorating it with garlands. I will embrace him.
I propel His name and He will dance with gifts of flowers.
Dancing and singing, I call God, that One whom I know.