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Hôtel Le Jardin du Roy Isalo

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The hotel takes its name from the land on which it was built: Le Jardin du Roy. No doubt it was a property of the ancestors of the king of Bara, today installed Ranohira down to the canyon entrance of Ra retains its burial caves of the line.
Le Jardin du Roy was built in the park of the hotel Relais de la Reine which it is separated by a few hundred meters, it is the continuation

Hôtel Le Jardin du Roy Isalo Hôtel Le Jardin du Roy Isalo Hôtel Le Jardin du Roy Isalo


Le Jardin du Roy et les villageois Bara

He has kept the spirit of the hotel Relais de la Reine and benefited from his experience.

This spirit is rooted in the desire to integrate the hotel in a preserved natural environment of rare beauty: the roofs intertwined, steep to measure the surrounding rocks.
Granite stones carved by hand and selected one by one, reproduce the colors of the massif. Local materials, rosewood, marble, labradorite strengthening Malagasy identity constructions.
Experience at Relais de la Reine is reflected in larger living spaces, further research towards more comfort, thanks to the air conditioning.



With 15 rooms (under construction, 25 new rooms open soon), it is a very nice set perfectly integrated.

The stunning natural scenery will continue to amaze you throughout your stay.

With bath or shower, air-conditioned rooms are very spacious and comfortable.

They open onto a large park and gallery forest along the river Soarano


The Staff of the Jardin du Roy was originally formed Relais de la Reine, thus benefiting, in addition to the legendary friendliness Madagascar professionalism from more than 10 years of experience in contact with international clients


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