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The restaurant ‘Varangue Sur Morne” is part of the South West coast of Mauritius and can be accessed by car, via the Plaine Champagne Road or by Helicopter which lands on the restaurant Helipad.


Varangue Sur Morne Restaurant in Mauritius

Varangue Sur Morne restaurant was established in 1992 in Chamarel town. Originally it was a gamekeeper’s lodge. Further in time it developed into a bar and restaurant. It is eco-tourism oriented nowadays. The interior with the Rustics tables and Palissandre or Mahogany chairs associates with natural harmony and balance.

The advantage of the restaurant is location with the sea nearby. Also there is a spectacular view over the local mountains over the southern part and the western side. The only surviving native forest is situated here. The trees sweep down the Baie du Cap and the Morne beyond.


Magnifique view creates the area of total calmness and our highest class services, professionalism and politeness will please you. Here you can satisfy you hunger for food which is truly great and the eyes hunger by gazing into the picturesque environment. There is no restaurant in the whole island like this.


Mauritius cuisine in the restaurant

Authentic gastronomy at Varangue sur Morne is available in different traditions. First of all, the most popular cuisine in Mauritius is the local one. We have original recipes that will surprise you in their delicious taste. Though, the insular culture provides the mixture and appearance of hybrids. Of course, historically there are a lot of French cuisine principles found in Mauritius food. Also there is a hint of African and oriental touch and it makes a real gastronomic adventure and a kind of unique experience.

For sure, you will find Chinese, European and Fusion dishes in the menu.

How to get to Varangue Sur Morne?

Accessible by car via Plaine Champagne Road restaurant “Varangue Sur Morne” is situated on the south western coast of Mauritius island. You can also reach it by the helicopter and have a meal in the restaurant Helipad. Stunning views on your way to Varangue Sur Morne will delight you from the very beginning of your affair.

To book a table for unforgettable meal call us (230) 696 6000 or (230) 483 5710.