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SADKO - Catamaran


Sadko catamaran invites you for a sea voyage for the full day. Luxirious boat plus ocean breeze – what else to dream about? Take the dream trip with us.


Sadko Catamaran

SADKO - the most beautiful and luxurious catamaran in Mauritius welcomes you aboard! Take the trip of billionaire across the blue lagoons of the paradise island and feel the fresh salty breeze under the gentle southern sun!

Just imagine the perfect day out in the sea, with picturesque marine view, friendly crew, fish jumping out of the deep ocean waters, calmness and harmony in the air…And you are on the board of a luxurious catamaran, a millionaire in the flesh.

Sadko in details

The story of the Sadko catamaran begins in 2011. That year it was built by a special request in France. The project was worked out by Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prevos, well-known designer and boat owner, these people developed the masterpiece Lagoon500. They won a number of different awards. Operationally Sadko is based in the territory of Black River. Every single detail was thought during constructing process and we had foreseen every little point to provide you the maximum of comfort and atmosphere of lux resort.

The interior is of a superb scheme. Decorations in wood, cabins are rather spacious and all of the furniture, fixtures and equipment are ingenious. This luxurious dream seen alive will surprise you and give the sense of outstanding comfort.



Day tours on Sadko

We offer you to take an unforgettable relaxing day tour for you, your family and friends. Our catamaran is made in advance of all necessary details for you safety and comfort. Enjoy every moment spent aboard with your close people! This cruise will delight you and bring you pure happiness.

We supply the program with a meal and pleasant ambiance.

5-star outstanding services and professional crew are the guarantee of great day out in the sea.

Full day excursion will bring you also the striking views of the sunset colours of the sky. The privacy is also on the high level though if you need the crew, they won’t be long to help you immediately.


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