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ILE DES DEUX COCOS - Blue Bay - Mauritius

ILE DES DEUX COCOS - Blue Bay - Mauritius



Ile des Deux Cocos with its truly dramatic views on the blue endless ocean on the south offers a possibility of gaining a full extend of relaxation on the row of private little islands and find yourself in paradise on the earth. This is definitely among the best places to visit in Mauritius. White sand, rich marine world and treasures, striking ocean views... What else to be desired for a perfect holiday?



The Ile Des Deux Cocos villa was built by Sir Hesketh Bell, who was the governor from Britain and a flamboyant. That happened a century ago and still the villa is as majestic nowadays as it used to be hundred years ago. Traditional Mauritian interior looks like being taken from the pages of some colonial novel. This destination will captivate your feelings and sweep you away to the past days. Here you can easily find a dream place under the sun in the shade of a palm tree and gaze into the ocean in pleasant calm atmosphere.




Isolated idyllic island is a traditional destination for Mauritius day tours, business or family celebrations with island twist. Blue Bay is the place for the finest snorkeling and abundance of the marine life to discover. You can reserve a whole island for a night. Two bedrooms are required for family rest or two couples.


Ile des Deux Cocos is one of well-known Mauritius beach resorts and the island offers you to take a piece of paradise for rent and experience the state of island inhabitant.




Accommodation: Two-bedroom villa on the island.


Location: 10 minutes to get from the airport.



Day tours in Mauritius beach resorts are favorite time passing type among the tourists. The day on the island usually includes boat transfer to and from the island, lunch and bar drinks, visiting marine park in a glass bottomed boat and practicing some snorkeling. Amazing world of underwater blusterous life won't leave you without impressions.


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