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Etoile D’Orient retails a range of good quality products brought from all over the world. Precious and fashion accessories, oriental carpets and what is important, everything is sold at duty free prices. To help you in your choices we will guide you about a devoted staff according to your wishes. We have set up a personalized outstanding service, free delivery right to the airport, and also the possibility of worldwide delivery right to your home or to those who will receive your gift souvenirs Mauritius.



Glimmering colours and noble patterns….

Come and be delighted by our marvelous collection of oriental silk rugs, hand woven in the best ancestral traditions.

The carpets flow in endless waves.

The rhythms of Persian motives, such as Kashan, Kirman, Isfahan and Heart are mixing with Mughal tendencies. Treads are softly patterned in these carpets of exquisite elaboration. Feel the luxury of pile and give your eyes a shimmering picture of the intricate golden and silver embroidery. Observe the change of hues with the time passing throughout of the day. Souvenirs Mauritius presents for tourists are all unique and exquisite.



Unique jewellery, necklaces, earrings, exclusive creations in finely chased gold, silver and precious stones.

Motifs from architecture of the temples, inspiration taken from the myths and legendary images are observed. Beautiful jewellery is rich in symbolism; this is an ultimate ode to the mankind mythology.

The great traditions of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and South India, distinct and mellifluous, such as stanzas in gold, silver and precious stones, will sweep you away into another age. 

Exclusive jewellery, earrings, necklaces, original creativity in chased gold, silver, metals and brilliant precious stones is available. Buy jewelers in Mauritius and you will be delighted.



Selected fabrics from Indian peninsula are known for their beauty and luxury status. A long time ago the Romans used the special word "carasina" for cotton (derivation from the Sanskrit word "karpasa"). In Nero's reign times, Indian muslin was in the highest Roman fashion rage.

Etoile D'orient recreates the textured Indian masterpieces of the old centuries in a special display of art: antiques brocades, Jamavar and Pashmina shawls, timeless soft silks and luxurious bedspreads. The mildness of texture and the audacity of the design create a curious contrast.


Objets D’Art

A real treasure box….

We sell unique rare objects of the art in bronze and marble, engraved with gold and semi-precious glittering stones. Take a trip through the time and admire the exclusive interiors with decorating objects!


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