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DOLSWIM - Dolphin Encounter - Whale Encounter - Big Game Fishing

DOLSWIM - Dolphin Encounter - Whale Encounter - Big Game Fishing


Have you ever dreamed of swimming with the cleverest sea creatures – dolphins? On Mauritius, the paradise island, every wish comes true. Here you can observe dolphins in natural environment.



Dolphins, whale encounter & snorkeling on the west coast of Mauritius

Dolswim offers even more options for nature fans and for those people who love the sea. Would you mind to visit the whales, the giant marine mammals? You have a chance to meet these majestic mammals near the Mauritius West coast, thus we can visit Big Game fishing is available in small groups or with your entire family.




The Swim with dolphins in Mauritius is hold in a great level of respect and responsibility to these intellectual marine creatures, their environment and daily llife habits like the “regulators".

When you get aboard of our numerous boats, experienced skippers will give a special briefing on the adventure you are taking which includes also:

• Information about the types of Dolphins you are to encounter probably and their daily habits

• Guideline for Safe Dolphin Watching adventure

• Instructions on security measures ready on our Boats

• Swimming accompanied with the dolphins for 2hrs30mins in the sea


Note: Attraction Dolswim gives up to 90% guarantee that you will for sure meet the Dolphins, but there will be no any cash refunds. At least you will receive an offer to take another trip on the boat free of charge.



Discover the fantastic mammals - the Whales!

Whales watching is an absolutely different activity and far more difficult outing. You have to travel much further to the sea and a lot will depend on weather factor and sea condition. If the sea is rough, stormy it will be not so easy to meet the whales and even to recognize them swimming there.

Two species of whales can be seen on the Mauritian coast:

1) Humpback whales in winter time (July – September/ October)

2) Sperm Whales which are the residents of the western coast of Mauritius

Note: Dolswim confirms a 60% guarantee that you will see the Whales but if it is not likely to happen at last, there will be no option for any cash refunds as the prices for such journeys are high due to the fuel used.


Blue Quest Discovery & Big Game Fishing

“The blue journey” by Blue Quest is a series of unusual curious excursions which mix fun, nature, discovery and adventure. A new way of having fun is the best of the West Coast of Mauritius, surrounded by great comfort and outstanding services. You may also organize a fruitful fishing Mauritius style with us.



You are welcomed on the boards of our boats, on the exclusive tours or shared outings, with our professional crew to explore local marine life. Here you will discover the dolphins, turtles, whales, sea birds, corals and numerous types of tropical fish.

We introduced a totally new approach to the popular Big Game fishing in family groups or any other groupings. Our 50ft boat provides you the splendid opportunity to receive a full comfort and splendid services.


Become our client right now! Just call (230) 696 6000 and be ready to reveal the sea mysteries!