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Mauritius shops offer tourists a wide numerous range of souvenirs and gifts. Things bought here are truly exotic and are handcrafted in the highest qualities.

Crafts Gallery Ltd

Manufacturer, exporter, duty free operator of jewellery and diamonds, handicrafts, carpets, silk, pashminas and cashmere Crafts Gallery Ltd offers you the best shopping in Mauritius. So, there is no problem existing of what to buy in Mauritius.


Our splendid collection includes every time classics of twist and hint glamour and are designed to make an accent on feminity of the wearer. We take our inspiration from love and this corresponds in this radiating sense of elegance which is appreciated by women and men who see them.


Stunning and Magnificient.
Completes a woman feminity.

Natural and Mesmerisng.
Makes you feel gorgeous, rich and classy.

Rare and Precious.
1000 times rarer than diamonds. Completes your personality with style and beauty unlimited.

Fascinating and Classy. Makes your personality on top of the world.

Tahiti Pearls
Elegant and give a different touch of glamour
with simplicity

Tahiti Pearls
Elegant and give a different touch of glamour
with simplicity




Luxury Carpet

As being the cream of the crop, figurally saying, nothing says about the quality workmanships masterpiece as much as a hand knotted rug. These rugs are crafted by the skilled masters who carefully tie every single knot. Hand knotted rugs are more expensive than any other type of rugs, though the price reflects the quality that goes into making each piece of this craft and undoubtedly is worth buying. When you buy one of these excellent rugs you may be confident that you are making a nice investment, as they are all designed to be actual for far much longer than any other types of rugs. Add a hint of luxury to your home interior by purchasing a hand knotted rug from Crafts Gallery Ltd. Carpet is the most frequently brought family or friends gift Mauritius offers.





Jewel carpet

Owning an exclusive and elegant carpet woven with jewels and precious metals is like a processing the splendor and grandeur of the Mughal Dynasty. No doubt, one of the best souvenirs in Mauritius. 




Pashmina Shawls & Coats

Crafts Gallery Ltd has a fancy collection of Pashmina shawls in stock. Pashmina is one of the most luxurious known fibers and is derived only from Central Asian mountain goat. Those rare goats are found in areas above 14,000 ft there strong wind blows constantly and freezing temperatures hold the line.




Other long, course hairs envelop the goat and conserve the natural delicateness and softness of the animal's underfleece. This special wool (called "pashm") serves to produce the shawls, known as pashmina after being woven. Through generations, pashmina shawls were in use as heirlooms and still it is honored as a symbol of prestige... Kashmir is the only territory in the world where amazing fine embroidered pashmina shawls and plain pashminas shawls have been woven shawls through many generations.


Sumptuously soft cashmere sweaters, luxurious for everyday treat both for men and women. This type of fabric for clothes in Mauritius is always on the peak of popularity. Fashion in Mauritius offers only the best goods made of luxurious fabrics.





Bronze Artifacts

Bronze is a special material known long through the changing ages and generations. Traditional bronze sculptures speak the eternal language of the spiritual gestures and are functioning like living monuments to the cultural traditions. A bronze statuettes bought in Mauritius shops will cause curiosity among your guests. 




















Our showroom has a rich collection of 100% cashmere and silk bedspreads. It helps decorating your room with an exquisite design in fancy colors. living monuments to the cultural traditions. A bronze statuettes bought in Mauritius shops will cause curiosity among your guests. 





Traditional handicrafts supply everything - beauty, form, dignity and style. The magnificent appeal of arts and crafts lies in its exclusivity and mystical tone which leaves people enchanted.



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